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Farm That Dolla! The path to unlimited money in Pokémon Sword & Shield!

Typically, once beating the main storyline, there is very little point in stockpiling your Pokédollars; sure, you can save up and splurge out on some trendy new clothes from the boutiques but usually the only currency which really matters during the aftergame is BP. So why would Sword and Shield be any different?

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Duel Links Deck Preview #1: Silent Spellbooks!

New year, new series! We have published articles about Yu-Gi-Oh!’s TCG before, but never about the mobile app with over 10 MILLION downloads – Duel Links!

Duel Links is a game I’ve been playing on and off for the past two years. The game has progressively turned from occasional pick up, duel and put down to full blown obsession culminating in achieving a first King of Games rank in mid December. So what better way to kick start an analysis series than by discussing my most successful deck to date – introducing Silent Spellbooks!

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HRS Invictus: Scamming young graduates into unpaid sixty hour work weeks.

Picture the scene. You’re at home, relaxing in the living room after another grueling day in the office, sinking into the first bite of your home made meal. You hear a pounding on the front door. YOUR front door. Interrupting you in the privacy and sanctity of your own home. You open to be greeted by a suited and booted gentleman claiming that you’re spending too much on your utility bills. Annoying right? Well imagine the flip side – a recent University graduate, desperately looking for their first post study full time job, willing to snap up the first promise of progression and high salaries which comes their way. Combine the two, and you get HRS Invictus.

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A Night to Remember – Victoria La La Leeds Shopping Affair

There is never a dull moment in show business, and that motto certainly rings true for the retail sector too. From the sedulous seasonal sales, the bustle of back to school, the sprightly selling in the summer holidays to the now on the horizon chaos of Christmas, the show must go on. Which is why it comes as a refreshing change of pace to entertain clients for an evening of extravagance. I am referring, of course, to the bi-annual Victoria Leeds Late Night Shopping Affair.
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Top 32 at Birmingham Regionals 2017!

I haven’t done one of these in ages – mainly because I’ve not had a team (or tournament finish) worth talking about; I was tempted to pen one after finishing top 16 in Malmo’s Mid Season Showdown, but I was using Gavin Michaels’ Trick Room team so we already know enough about that!

Having used Trick Room, and later Trick Room plus Lilligant Torkoal, for the majority of the season, collecting less than a handful of decent finishes, I decided it was time to trial something different. I adored Lilligant Torkoal, but a string of games (including a terrible 4-3 run at the Milan Open) where I seemed to miss a vast amount of my inaccurate moves prompted me to set this duo aside; looking through my PC box, I found a Gyarados (which I’d used at Europe’s International Championship) sat next to an innocent looking ‘Pikachu clone’…

*Feature Art was created by CarobyArt for – please do not reuse this image without permission*

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Archetype Analysis 2: Prehistoric Kings!

Hello, welcome back to the Dragons den! I am your host SinDragonLord and I’m coming at you with another Meta Analysis with the True King Dinosaur deck. Back in April of this year the dinosaur structure deck hit the stores, giving us so much support to make the deck viable for the first time in Yu-Gi-Oh! history. The True Kings, who are basically the cousins of the True Draco’s, (which we went over in the last analysis) synergises beautifully with the Dinosaur archetype; the way these two engines flow is like poetry in motion. This is the deck i took to my last two events. Without any further ado, lets get into this. Unlike the True Draco this is very much a combo oriented deck, once again we will be going over the Key cards in the deck to analyze its function and what it’s trying to accomplish.

*Feature art is by DeviantArt’s ParryDox*

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When Eevee Fainted

The first of November 2016 was a special day for us.

As cat lovers and Pokemon geeks, it made perfect sense to name the new kitten curled up in the living room Eevee. At eight weeks old, she was a tiny bundle of black fluff with big marble green eyes. At first, we were concerned that our other two cats, Mittens and Poppy (both five years old), would not be so accepting of our newest family member. I could recall very vividly how it took Mittens a long time to adjust to Poppy when bringing her home. Lots of hissing and paw slapping was expected. And so, Eevee remained curled up by my feet for the first half an hour.

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