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Top 32 at Birmingham Regionals 2017!

I haven’t done one of these in ages – mainly because I’ve not had a team (or tournament finish) worth talking about; I was tempted to pen one after finishing top 16 in Malmo’s Mid Season Showdown, but I was using Gavin Michaels’ Trick Room team so we already know enough about that!

Having used Trick Room, and later Trick Room plus Lilligant Torkoal, for the majority of the season, collecting less than a handful of decent finishes, I decided it was time to trial something different. I adored Lilligant Torkoal, but a string of games (including a terrible 4-3 run at the Milan Open) where I seemed to miss a vast amount of my inaccurate moves prompted me to set this duo aside; looking through my PC box, I found a Gyarados (which I’d used at Europe’s International Championship) sat next to an innocent looking ‘Pikachu clone’…

*Feature Art was created by CarobyArt for – please do not reuse this image without permission*
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Erik Anderson @ Edinburgh Midseason Showdown!

This report details the experiences of guest writer Erik Anderson’s participation in Edinburgh’s recent mid season showdown!
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Lancaster Premier Challenge, VGC 17

On 21st January, I attended a Premier Challenge hosted by Lancaster Elites. It had only a small turnout of eight masters but the chance to gain more competitive practice in a meta game which was more than two weeks old (Europe getting the short straw with the earliest International Championship) and a chance at some CP would be invaluable, regardless of the amount of players!
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Manchester Premier Challenge!

With Sun and Moon only a couple of months away, the beginning of the VGC 2017 circuit started this past weekend with Premier Challenges taking place across the UK. Despite very little playing and preparation time, I decided to dust off the ring rust and participate in Manchester!
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ChaoticEspeon @ UK Nationals!

Last weekend I was in Liverpool to compete in the 2016 UK National Championships; unlike last year’s nats, where I was going with the aim of making it into the top cut and feeling confident of making it there, I went into 2016’s with little practice, poor season results and with the sole purpose of playing a few games and enjoying myself.
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