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Peace In Death: Meant To Go

There was a silent sob on the end of the phone. The operator stated their officers would be there soon. In a wet mess on the floor, a mother held her daughter closely. She begged and cried, sobbing into the lifeless body of her child, longing for her eyes to flutter open, her hand to reach out, for life to return. Blue and red lights flashed down the street, but it was too late. The bath tub was stained red, the girl’s last breath long since elapsed. The mother had already been scarred for life and Death? Death had already arrived, tailed by Life.

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The Villain of Love; The Hero of Pain

“Why do you do it? Why do you kill? Why must you be the villain?!” Screamed Hero. Surrounded by nothing, Hero and Villain sat across from each other at a table.
“Because without destruction, there would be no peace,” Villain stated.
“You speak in riddles and with a twisted mind. Without destruction, there would be only peace.”
“Nobody would know what peace is without pain. Like nobody would know what love is without hate. And nobody would know what happiness is without sadness,” Villain answered.

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