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The Villain of Love; The Hero of Pain

“Why do you do it? Why do you kill? Why must you be the villain?!” Screamed Hero. Surrounded by nothing, Hero and Villain sat across from each other at a table.
“Because without destruction, there would be no peace,” Villain stated.
“You speak in riddles and with a twisted mind. Without destruction, there would be only peace.”
“Nobody would know what peace is without pain. Like nobody would know what love is without hate. And nobody would know what happiness is without sadness,” Villain answered.

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A Boxful of Truth

My time was limited. Each month, both a friend or family member would disappear on the 1st, and their body found on the 10th, mutilated. The police were useless, they didn’t care, they were getting paid to sit around all day, so why would they investigate such things? I had taken it upon myself to find the murderer, no longer would I lose the ones closest to me. I knew I’d be next, I had but one friend and my mother left. Every night I dreamt of the murderer and the victims. The bodies covered in blood, their faces almost unrecognisable with their insides ripped out.

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Revenger’s Tale: Pt i

Let’s paint a picture.

A picture of this place held so dear.

You are my subject.

This is your future.
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