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Sleep Shenanigans: The Tale of the Cat and the Turbo Shroom!

Have you ever felt like playing Pokémon simply to prevent other people from having fun? Do you enjoy essentially flipping a coin every turn to decide whether you win or lose a game?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions you’ll definitely want to try out this classic Cat and… erm… Mushroom combination which is set to take the VGC 20 metagame by storm!

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VGC 19 Analysis #1 – Xerneas

Yep, we’re back doing VGC analysis articles! Guess what else is gracing VGC players with their presence again… that’s right, the uber legends have returned to competitive play! So what better way is there to kick start the return of our Analysis series than talking about one of the ubers you’re going to be seeing all season long? Enter, the God Deer, Xerneas!

Now, we’re not going to be attempting to redefine Xerneas at all with any zany Specs, Scarf or Big Berry sets. Whilst they could all have their niche, there’s literally no point in handicapping one of your two restricted picks; all the following sets are going to utilise Xerneas’ Power Herb, Geomancy set.

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Pokémon Analysis 17 – Pheromosa!

If you look up the term ‘Glass Cannon’ in the dictionary, I’m almost certain you’ll find a picture of UB-02 Beauty staring right back at you! In a VGC meta where bulk is typically favoured over sheer offensive prowess, how does Pheromosa fit in within VGC 17?
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Pokémon Analysis Links!

If you’ve been following this website, or our accompanying Facebook page, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been posting a few analyses of Pokémon which are legal within the VGC 17 format!
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