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May 23, 2016

More of my Writing?

by chaoticespeon

Hey guys!

If you want to read a few more things I have previously written about, then this post is the one for you!

Like most people my age, I have passionate interests in three main areas which are suitable categories to write about; Gaming, Football and Music.


As a gamer, my most played games are certainly Pokémon (a game which I compete in on the official VGC circuit) Fifa (the popular football game which you can find me playing on the PS4) the Fable series and, well, pretty much anything made by Nintendo!

Though I’m yet to write any articles about Fifa, Fable (watch this space ;D) or any other Nintendo game at the time of writing, I’ve written a fair bit about Pokémon already. A UK nationals team report was the first post on this site, but quite a few analyses of individual Pokémon can be found on my ChaoticEspeon Facebook page!


As far as football goes, I’m a Manchester City fan; yes, I’m from Manchester originally… no, I didn’t start supporting City after 2010… and all that. I’ll eventually post a few articles on here about real life football, but until then you’ll be able to find a few of my articles which have been published on the popular website GiveMeSport.


Music is something which everyone can claim an interest in, I spent a period of time on a placement writing for Contact Music. You can find a few reviews I wrote here. I also interviewed The Augustines, Peggy Sue and Silent Front during my time with CM so definitely give those a read!

quill and parchment

Outside reviewing, analysing and interviewing, I maintain an interest in creative writing. My Tumblr blog (though inactive) has plenty of my past creative works – including a pretty cool beginning of a Pokémon story – and I’ll also be posting a few here on WordPress in the near future!

I think that’s about it! If you’re interested in following me anywhere else on the web, you can  follow my ChaoticEspeon page, add me on PSN (ChaoticEspeon) and follow my Twitter!

See you all soon!


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